• Your Special District Library is the best option to adequately represent Woodstock voters and taxpayers, allowing direct voting on library taxes, funding and governance.

• In the 105 year history of Woodstock Library it has never been built, owned or run by the Town of Woodstock. It has always been a community vision.

• Our library facility has changed locations, been added onto and reconfigured every 20 years by our visionary Woodstock community keeping pace with our public’s growth and needs.

• It has been 31 years since we’ve updated the facilities, yet services, programming and our collection have grown exponentially, making us the 3rd most visited library in the Mid-Hudson system.

The-Little-Library-That-Could at 5 Library Lane is almost unrecognizable from when it was purchased in 1927. Seven separate spaces have been patched together over the decades, leaving us with a Frankenbuilding with 1.5 historic walls.

• According to the Master Facilities Plan trying to renovate and add to this Frankenbuilding leaves us with ongoing maintenance issues, difficult design concepts like “wrapping” a bigger building around our current library or not achieving the 100% community library space needed.

• Two expert library planning firms did separate analyses some 10 years apart, and both came up with the same 15,000 sqft total program area to answer our community use of Woodstock Library. Currently we have 4,500 sqft of usable space.

• Through the years, your Library Board, Friends & Staff have been in constant contact with our public. Their responsiveness has grown your library to be a pillar in this town, outperforming every other Mid Hudson Library of similar size.

• The referendum vote was created by a small group to discredit library progress, and to DISSOLVE and TERMINATE this community-built institution. They plan to destroy our library in order to push their agenda on the facilities. They oppose adequate development to meet present and future programming needs.

• Staying Special District allows you to continue to weigh in on your taxes AND the future of the facilities.

A “NO” to the referendum leaves your Library, in your hands. The hands of the community who built it.