Referendum Rumors


I was told the referendum changes nothing about our library but removes the current board.

This is just not true. No one can guarantee this because library referendum laws are very long, confusing and untried. There has never been a library district dissolved and terminated in the history of NYS. We have been receiving counsel from library law lawyers and state library oversight committees. If they tell us no out come is guaranteed, we need to believe them.

I was told the plan is Woodstock Town Board will take over the library.

By New York State law, there can be no plan that automatically transfers your library to the town; "no dissolution plan can be made until a referendum passes".

I was told the public would get more say in funding and governance under the Town Board.

The Special Library District gives the public the MOST DIRECT say in library funding and governance with annual votes on budget/tax levy and Board of Trustees.

I was told the referendum would eliminate an extra layer of government and taxation.

 Our current Board meetings are open to the public meetings with a public be heard at each one. Municipal Library's appoint a Library Board to make the decisions on funding and taxation with no direct input from the public.

I was told our Board of Trustees repeatedly ignore public input.

The Trustees agreed to update the facilities taking into account multiple streams of professional and community input. They have responded repeatedly to public input with new services, expanded programming and a sixth day open in the budget for 2019!

I was told the Trustees have been negligent in facilities upkeep.

Our library facilities are not built to today's code or quality standards. Money is spent every year maintaining and updating the building and grounds. Repairs are ongoing. The public has a clean, pest free environment but the facilities could be so much more. The Board has voted to improve library facilities.

I was told the referendum gives me a chance to weigh in on the future of our library facilities.

The referendum ONLY terminates and dissolves your Special District Library.

But I was told the referendum was to stop “the tear down”.

"Stop the Tear Down" is a misleading propaganda slogan from the petition drive to bring about a referendum that has nothing to do with the library facilities decision and only has the power to terminate and dissolve your Special District Library.

I was told if I didn't vote "yes" on the referendum our historic library would be destroyed.

• Our historic library is YOU, our patrons, stakeholders and community. Vote "NO" on the referendum to continue our visionary library history!

A "NO" to dissolution is a "YES" to Conversation.

Let's continue to discuss our community vision together.